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Welcome to Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan

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Churches Partnership

Churches Partnership is a grouping of several churches in Wigan who work together in a spirit of cooperation and support.    

The group organises a number of events throughout the year when churches can come together in Christian worship.

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January 3rd

At the start of a new year pray for peace in the town, the country and in the world


All those involved in education remembering especially those schools in the area of the Churches Partnership


In this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity the Churches in the Churches Partnership that all may be seen to be working together to proclaim Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord


The Minister, Deacons,  congregation and activities at Wigan Baptist  Church


All those in our town who are homeless and those who help them, remembering especially the work of the Brick and the Salvation Army and we pray for the unemployed.

February 7th

The Parish Priest, congregations and activities at St Mary’s and St John’s Churches


The Chaplain, doctors, nurses, and other staff working for Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh hospital Trust


Minister, congregation and activities at Spencer Road Methodist Church.


Pray for all asylum seekers and refugees and those who make the perilous journey to escape tyranny.

March 7th

The Vicar, congregation and activities at St Michael and All Angels Church.


Those helping people to overcome addiction,  - Alcoholics Anonymous and the drug and alcohol teams


The Minister, Elders, congregation and activities at Trinity United Reformed Church


Those who work in local government including the local Councillors, MP’s and those who work in the Civil Service

April 4th

The Vicar and activities at the Gateway Church


Those volunteers who listen to individuals who have problems or seek advice including Child line, the Samaritans, Victim Support, Citizens Advice, and Age UK


The, Vicar, congregation and activities at St Anne’s and St Andrew's Churches


The members of the local Fire Brigade and Ambulance Crews who risk their lives to save others.

May 2nd

The officers, soldiers and activities at the Salvation Army Citadel.


The Health Centres and General Practitioners, nurses and other staff who work in them


Pray for young people in education especially those who are about to take exams and for their teachers.


Those who administer justice in the town – the judges, magistrates, solicitors and the probation service


The Rector, Curate, congregations and activities at All Saints

June 6th

The local police and all involved in enforcing law and order. Prisoners and their families.  All victims of crime and their families


For street Pastors in whichever town they seek to help those in need, especially the street Pastors in Wigan


The Wigan Youth services and all those in youth groups in the town, and churches who are working with young people including uniformed organisation leaders.


For those working with the deaf and the visually impaired

July 4th

The Pastor, Deacons, congregation and activities at Wigan Baptist Church


The ambulance crews, paramedics and the North West air ambulance crews.


The Parish Priests of St John’s and St Mary’s Churches and their congregations and activities


Those involved in agreeing policy on climate change and the Green Christian web site.

August 1st

For refugees and asylum seekers and for those who volunteer for the Support Wigan Welcome project


The Vicar, congregation and activities at St Michael and All Angels Church


For those who are homeless in Wigan and those who left school in July and remain unemployed.


For those in education teachers and children, especially those children starting school or preschool.


The Minister of Whitley Methodist Church, its congregation and activities

September 5th

For the staff and students at Wigan and Leigh College and for those young people leaving home to go to university


For peace in Palestine and Israel and the other Middle East countries


For the Macmillan and Marie Curie nurses, the Wigan Leigh Hospice staff and those caring at home for the sick


The Vicar,congregation and activities at St Anne’s Church

October 3rd

For the local members of parliament, other Ministers and MPs and  also MEPs that they make wise decisions


The officers, soldiers and activities at the Salvation Army Citadel


For all those who work with people with mental and physical disabilities


The Minister, congregation and activities at Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan.


For those involved in Transforming Wigan and the Gateway Church at St George’s

November 7th

For those who help ex service personnel and their families.  We also pray for serving soldiers and their families and the families of those killed in action.


The Rector, congregation and activities at All Saints Church.


We pray for Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith.


On this first Sunday in Advent that Christians might reflect on the birth of the Christ Child and bring the message of His saving grace to the wider community.

December 5th

For those working in the shops in the town and those shopping that they don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas


Foe all hospital staff, emergency staff and utilities staff who have to work over Christmas


As we celebrate Christ’s birth we pray that His message of peace might be heard around the world.


As we approach a new year, we pray that the world might become a better place in 2021.



We covenant together:

 To draw the denominations represented on the Assembly into fuller understanding of the Gospel

 To promote the visible unity and mission of the Church at every level of the Church life

 To encourage and enable Churches to make decisions together where possible

 To give expression to the common faith, baptism and devotion of Christians, as we seek to do everything together, except that which in conscience must be done separately

 And we invite our Churches to support us in this Covenant to which we now commit ourselves, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


(The declaration above,  was read out by the Church Leaders at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, during the Pentecostal Service Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Signing of the Covenant between the Christian Churches on the Merseyside and Local Regions.)

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