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Welcome to Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan

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Family Worker

I am here to serve as your Family Worker.  If there are ideas and suggestions that you have that you think I could incorporate in my role, please speak to me, or email me at


Hello from the new Family Worker  - Ruth Parker

I would like to introduce myself to those of you who may not know me. Let’s start with the obvious – I am married to Chris, the Minister and having been living in Wigan now for nine and a half years. We have two grown up daughters, Hannah and Lauren, and are waiting to become Grandparents in May! All very exciting!

My previous working life has been spent firstly teaching Food Technology in Secondary schools around the country. For the last eight years, I have had a wonderful job teaching Music to the children at Wood Fold Primary in Standish.

May faith journey has been varied; I grew up in the Roman Catholic tradition. However, I would say that it was musicianship in church, and the fellowship I made with others through this kept my commitment as a young adult. I find the power of the scriptures set to music of all genres speaks to me and has guided me through life.

Of course, when I met Chris, this journey changed, and we began our lives together and the family have always been part of his Ministry. During the last twelve months, I have felt a gentle nudging that it was time for a change. After the usual application procedure, I was thrilled to be appointed in my role in January.

So, what’s next? As I am writing this, our activities have been curtailed due to the Coronavirus. The pantomime has had to be postponed and our plans for the year will have to be rescheduled. In the meantime, I am focusing on keeping in touch with the younger members of our congregation online, some of whom are working in the NHS, in education or wondering what will happen next in their university lives. Please pray for them all. We are keeping regular prayers posted in the Peace garden and looking at preparing some activities for our youth club and younger Trinity Players to complete over Easter. But as we all know, life is currently changing daily.

I am here to serve as your Family Worker. If there are ideas and suggestions that you have that you think I could incorporate in my role, please speak to me, or email me at


News from the Family Worker

Hello everyone. I hope you are all surviving lockdown and staying safe. We have had an exciting weekend making up our Holy Week Activity bags which all disappeared from the Peace Garden on Sunday morning. I hope they are being enjoyed at home. Please send pictures of your finished craft to

Activities to do at home during lockdown

Below are a number of links that you can follow that have been provided by Steven Mitchell, our Children’s and Youth Development Officer (CYDO).

The URC Mersey Children and Youth page has lots of tips and links to resources that you can signpost others to or to do yourself with your family.

The Youthscape blog continues to be a great resource with daily updates including reflections, videos and podcasts.

There is also a family video game database. It's a great resource to help parents and carers find unusual, creative and inspiring games for children and teenagers   

If you enjoy singing then Out of the Ark is a website with songs for children and young people. They currently have a weekly free selection and I can recommend the Easter songs!

Stay Safe