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Mersey News

(I am including the following letter, so that everyone knows how seriously the URC is taking safeguarding and that support is at hand should it be required. Ed. Nov 2017)


Hi, I’m Julie Rafferty and I recently retired from the Cheshire Police after serving 30 years as a police officer. Most of my service I have been involved in criminal investigation and for the last nine years of my service I worked in the public protection arena, supervising teams of detectives to manage sex offenders in the community and investigating sexual and violent offences committed against the most vulnerable members of the community; as a result, I am passionate about safeguarding and ensuring that children and vulnerable adults are protected and heard.

I am really pleased to be appointed as the Safeguarding Advisor for Mersey and North-Western Synods and feel I have the experience and knowledge to support the URC churches in the two areas. As the Safeguarding Advisor, my main responsibilities will be:

 Delivery of safeguarding training to ministers and volunteers

 Creating safer environments within the church, ensuring that key individuals have current DBS checks in place

 Responding to safeguarding concerns

 Ensuring that churches have up to date Safeguarding policies and procedures

Looking forward to meeting you all, in the meantime if anyone wants any help or advice, I am contactable on:


Safeguarding at Trinity

If you have any questions or concerns about Safeguarding at Trinity please contact Dr Gill Mangham.


As from the 1st November 2015, the URC is using DDC Ltd as their new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), (formerly the Criminal Records Bureau) from CAS (Churches’ Agency for Safeguarding) to DDC (Due Diligence Checking Ltd).

The new provider can issue forms and checks either on-line or using paper copies. I decided to keep using the paper forms rather than go online, so everyone can access the service easily.

Anyone at church who works with children and/or vulnerable adults at clubs within the building, or making pastoral visits should be checked.  The rules state that we just need one checked person to be in the room with at least one other adult to oversee safety, but we decided to go one step further. As that person may be ill sometime, need to leave the room or is unable to attend, we have decided to cover anyone involved in the club(s) who may need to step in to supervise or help at any time.

The main difference with the new system is that they now request photocopies of the applicant’s proof of identity documents, e.g. birth certificate, passport, driver’s licence etc. rather than them being scrutinised by the verifier alone.