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© 2013 Trinity United Reformed Church - Milton Grove, Wigan, WN1 2PG  

Welcome to Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan

. . .  a friendly Christian church for everyone

“A poor man’s field may produce an abundant harvest

but injustice sweeps it away.”                                                              Proverbs 13:23

Traidcraft is a Christian organisation that promotes fair trade for producers in developing countries by paying a fair price for goods, with guaranteed minimum prices where market forces sometimes drive prices down. Traidcraft also provides business advice and financial support to allow people to start sustainable businesses in developing countries.

Trinity supported Traidcraft for over 25 years.  However . . . .

Trinity URC has for many years actively supported the work of Traidcraft through selling Traidcraft foods and crafts at church and through catalogue orders of Christmas cards and gifts.

In 2019 Traidcraft significantly reduced its product lines and this, along with the willingness of many of the main supermarket retailers to stock fairly traded produce, led to the church no longer acting as a sales outlet.

We are thankful for the many church members and volunteers who have given their time and energy to running the Traidcraft stall and to those who have bought items at the stall.

As individuals in the church we can still make ethical choices about what we buy and consume, and through our informed spending we can make a difference to producers.

Traidcraft Exchange continues to offer free advice to overseas producers, in farming / production techniques, product design, marketing and sales.

Traidcraft products can still be purchased at:


81 Knowsley Street


01204 363308